Friday, October 19, 2018

What Are You Doing? October 2018 blog hop

Is it October already? Half of the month has flown by already. September was a busy month as well, including my birthday and some big changes at work. I haven't completed any projects in the past couple of months, but I hope that this weekend will give me a few hours to myself and my crocheting. I even had some ideas to decoupage some jars I've been saving for the past couple of years. The fall season is the best time to create! The weather, however, is another topic. Why is it still hot in Florida?!

What are you working on? Got any current WIPs (works in progress) that you'd like to share? Have some vacation posts? Got any how-to videos posted this month? You can share whatever creative outlet your interest is in. Share a link from your blog, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, etc! 

Thank you to the people that shared posts in August! I hope you can join for this month!

Here's one of my October Instagram posts!

 Enter your link information below:

  • Please link to a page of your blog/instagram/facebook, not the main website.
  • Limit two links per person, please!
  • Everyone's links will be shared on my Pinterest page.

For the fiber artists, you can also join the Linky Ladies Party bi-weekly to share crochet and knit finished projects!

The Linky Ladies Party


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