Thursday, January 7, 2016

Happy New Engagement 2016

What an lovely, but tiresome, holiday season! The busyness of getting presents for loved ones. The constant planning of parties and events you have to decide between. The holidays are gone too quickly but this year has brought something new.

My boyfriend and I are FINALLY engaged! I am so proud of him for talking to my dad, and for my family for keeping the surprise a secret. He told me he was planning to propose on Christmas, but the ring didn't come back from sizing until a few days after. I think January 2nd was the greatest time to propose. I was completely surprised!

We planned to have dinner that night. He wanted to have breakfast, but I was at home and my dad already prepared brunch. So we set the time to 8:00 pm. While I was playing Portal 3 with my sister, he set a meeting with my dad at his office to discuss. The rest of the day was busy with putting away the Christmas ornaments and helping my dad take the lights off of the house. Sometime around when we were cleaning, my dad told my mom, and an hour before we left he told my sister. They were all so great at not giving me any clues, although after the proposal I realized why my mom was smiling at me. It was not because she washed my pants for me!

When he picked me up, he said he needed to go back to the house because he left a light on. I know it sounds fishy now, but I believed him and said ok. He then said he needed help with something, and made me close my eyes. We walked in to the dark frnt room in the house. He turned on the light and turned me to the wall. I thought, "Ok, great, he finally figured out what to hang on the blank wall." I still didn't have a clue!
He told me to  open my eyes, and I saw this beautiful mural of instagram pictures. The larger photo in the middle is from his friend's wedding, on the year we met and started dating.
He went down on one knee, and the first thing I said was, "You did it?" He knew that talking with my dad was important to me, and I am so glad he went through with everything. He also had a hidden camera to take video of the surprise. Once he creates something with it I might post it on here. Then you can see my happy dance!

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Before of going to dinner, I asked him to take me home so I can yell at my family for being so sneaky! They were denying it at first, but laughed and were happy for the secret to be out. They called my brother to tell him the news, and my sister blasted her excitement on Facebook. It was such a lovely surprise! Now we are in the process of planning. It will be difficult, but I have my best friend to work with.


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