About Me

Hello, and welcome to my blog! I am a 30 something student living and working in Florida. I am thankful of every day given to me. I enjoy crafting, reading blogs, and singing and playing guitar on the weekends. I especially enjoy trying out new crafts and using recycled materials to recreate.

I love to crochet. I started crocheting in 2008 when I had to stay home for 6 months due to an accident. I love the challenge and complexity, as well as the relaxation that crocheting brings me. I also love making gift to give to my friends and family. I try to find and learn easy crocheting projects that can be used all year round.

I love to recycle. I like the complexity of making things out of recycled reused materials. I like to test materials and see if they can withstand, whether it is making yarn out of reusable materials, or reusing materials for my garden.

I love to garden. I started growing vegetables last year, and I love watching things grow.

I am working on more content to add to this blog, so send me any new recipes or crafts that you want someone else to test out!

I absolutely LOVE Pinterest. Here you can find all the little inspirations I pinned to try out!


  1. Hi Sara. Thanks for stopping by. You had asked how to get nominated.....basically, once you start getting your blog "out there", visit and comment, people will start to find you...and I promise you will get one. It's really a peer recognition thing (I already did my awhile back).....for blog under a certain number of followers. I'm sure you will get nominated very shortly. Join lots of blog hops and stuff...find your niche and other bloggers you like. Best of luck with you blog. I'm following.... :) I never thought I would get one. :)

  2. Hi Sara!
    I also love to recycle. I enjoy challenging myself with coming up with new projects that will cut down on what goes to the landfill.
    Stopping by from Turn It Up Tuesday. Thank you for co-hosting! Following you on Bloglovin. Looking forward to reading your posts.
    Have a great day :)
    Bismah @

  3. http://mydiyol.blogspot.de

    Hello Sara,
    I have visited your music blog.
    You have a beautiful voice and I like your songs.
    Many greetings

  4. Hey Sara!

    I'm in Florida also. Where are you?




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