Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Making small goals

I'm writing in here because I want to remind myself how I was feeling.

I have always had trouble with the way I look and how my weight is. I used to weigh less (12 years ago), and since I am not married and I don't have kids I shouldn't have a problem with losing weight, right? Even without those barriers, it's still a struggle. And I have to remind myself that I am getting older and my body is changing, but that shouldn't stop me from trying. Any little effort helps in the long run.

I felt really bad about weighing 203 lbs. I've been trying so hard to not go back, but other things in my life made me forget my motivation. It's not about being skinny enough to wear bikinis. It's about me being comfortable with myself. Nothing more.

Yesterday I felt bad, and after work I made an effort to do some exercise. Today, it's cloudy and rainy outside. But I have my workout clothes in me car, and I will make an effort to walk/run on my lunch break. It's about making small goals.

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