Tuesday, March 26, 2013

This year's garden

It's been a year since I talked about my garden. Most All of the plants in the post from last year have passed away. The cherry tomato plant and the strings beans produced vegetables. The other plants eventually withered away from the summer heat last year.   This year, I grew new plants from the seed (with help from my parents, of course). Here are some pictures:

This is a tomato plant I grew from the seed.

These plants are lemon and grapefruit, I think. I don't know which ones are which.

And these beauties are garlic cloves. I planted them in origami paper cups made out of newspaper. I was surprised to see how they grow. You just plant them, and I hear they grow in any type of dirt/soil.

There's a certain awe and feeling of accomplishment when I see seeds I plant grow. I am amazed at what God has given our hands to do.

Have you been growing anything? Do you plan to this year?

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