Thursday, April 25, 2013

THE BEST tomatillo salsa!

As you know, I LOVE Pinterest. This year I've been trying the many crafts and recipes I have found. I decided to try this Tomatillo Salsa recipe from Garnish with Lemon, and I believe that this is the BEST SALSA EVER!

Photo from Garnish with Lemon

I think this salsa is EVEN BETTER than the tomatillo salsa at Moe's! Have you ever had that salsa? It is my FAVORITE. Now this salsa is my all-time favorite!

I can't get enough of it! It has just the right amount of cilantro and a kick of jalepeƱo. I love spicy food more because of this salsa! It has such a nice crisp taste to it.

Doesn't it look DELICIOUS?! I also thought of trying it as a vegan salad dressing. I've been trying to incorporate more vegetarian/vegan food. I just love making things with fresh produce.


  1. Thanks for the link back! I'm glad you love this salsa as much as I do!



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