Thursday, June 20, 2013

Say HELLO to Bloglovin'! Step-by Step Instructions

About the time I started writing in my blog, Google announced they were powering down Google Reader. I didn't really use it as much as I'd liked, but when I did it was nice to have access to all my blogs I read in one place. After looking through a few blogs, I started hearing about Bloglovin'.

I signed up, and I was hooked immediately! What an awesome discovery! The website is such a great place to read ALL your favorite blogs. It's not just for blogger. You can search for any blog or websites and add them too! Everything you want in a blog reader is all on this website, including grouping blogs into categories and marking blogs as read when you finished reading. Such a great way to keep up with all the great new blogs I've found recently!

I am giving you a sneak peek to my Bloglovin account to show you the ins and outs of this website.

Signing up is a breeze! Just click Join Bloglovin, follow these steps and you'll be ready to read in no time!

You can sign up with Facebook or your email address. I chose the email address.

Just fill out your nameusernameemail and a password you can remember.

Then check your email for the confirmation link. From here the link will send you to import blogs. If you used Google Reader in the past, here is where you can link up your Gmail account and download your favorite blogs. You can also access this section in Settings.

Now here are the features of this lovely website. 

You can see all your favorite blog reads, with a list of blogs on the right. You can even choose to categorize them in whatever topics you'd like. You can also see Popular posts and Top blogs by category.

The drop down list with your profile picture has all the goodies you need to maximize usage of your Bloglovin account.

If you click on your face, this is what your profile looks like.

And this is what your blog looks like.

You can invite friends to read your blog by email or on Facebook.

My Blog shows you how to claim your blog (if you didn't do so in the sign up process), the stats of your followers, and a way to connect your blog to your personal profile or blog page on Facebook.

Manage the blogs you follow. This is where you can view specifics of the blogs you follow, create new groups, add blogs, change groups, set your following to private, and unfollow blogs.

Bloglovin Button is where you can find the snazzy buttons to add to your blog.

Help is also a good place to start to find the FAQ's.

Account settings is where you can change any of your information showing on your profile.

This is where you can also change your email notification, change the option to login with Facebook, import blogs and add/remove the Bloglovin frame (It allows you to read all your blogs in one browser, all by clicking Next!)

Bonus! You can also find Bloglovin' in a handy dandy app!


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