Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Picture Ornaments

Here's one of  my favorite handmade presents. My boyfriend is a really creative guy. He likes to make handmade cards and crafts for special occasions.

In 2013, his grandparents passed away, and his dog died in December. I wanted to make something for him to remember them. So I created these picture ornaments.

They were very simple to make with the help of Instagram pictures. I know he had a picture of his grandparents and his dogs on his account, so I looked for the best pictures. I made ornaments for all his dogs, since he doesn't get to see them as much as he would like to.

They were already edited, so I didn't have to do much to the picture except lighten them a little bit. I added the dog's names on the pictures as well. They were then printed on card stock. Each picture was printed twice. I stuck them together to make the card stock stronger and to make the ornament double sided. When they were dry I sprayed both sides with Alenne's Fast Grab Tacky Spray.

I bought myself a Roto Punch for Christmas,  so I added eyelets to each picture. I added red ribbon to hang them on the tree. He was touched when he saw them.

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