Friday, July 18, 2014

Summer Hat Challenge: Update #1

I don't know what it is about summer. I'd rather be taking mini vacations all summer, exploring all parts of Florida, than being at work right now. Most of the time, I just want to unplug and not worry about the time. Or I just want to stay at home and crochet all the things I've been posting on Pinterest. It's been perfect crochet weather these past few weeks. It's hurricane season, and not a day goes by without a rainstorm. It does bring some amazing clouds though. When it stops raining today I'll try to take a picture.

Knitting has also been another interest of mine, but I haven't picked it up in a long time. I remember seeing my grandmother knit whenever she came to visit us in the states. My mom said I learned about knitting from her, but I don't remember. My father's mother was a great seamstress, so I could see her making these fabulous designs I'd see online. When I started crocheting, both my parents said it reminded them of Abuelita Olga. So I smile every time I pick up my yarn and crochet gifts for my friends.

Speaking of which, I've worked a good 2 months on hats since I posted about it in May. I've wanted to write a weekly post on the hats I've been making, But I'll share what I've completed and where I got the patterns from. Most of the patterns are free.

The first hat I made for this project is this Pith Hat pattern from Red Heart.  

I made this newborn Swirling Leaves newborn beanie following the pattern from Creative Threads by Leah.

 Thing 1 Thing 2 Hats from Repeat Crafter Me. It took me a few weeks to construct these. I was being really picky.
Lastly, the Lady Mary Sun Hat from Danyel Pink Designs (not free). I won this hat pattern from one of her giveaways, and I plan to make a slew of them. They're so cute and perfect for the hot summers.

This week, I've had to make a couple of quick hats, which I haven't been able to take pictures of yet. So I may have a new update by the end of the month. Now to make a few more hats!

Check out more hats at Summer Hat Challenge Update #2

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