Thursday, July 31, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Banana Bread Bundt Cake

Recently I thought I should look at my old blog posts from last year, to see if they needed any updates. I wrote more post last year than I have been doing this year. Maybe adding this throwback will hopefully get me writing more blog posts, am I right?

Last year (July 31, 2013) I was on blog hop #14 and I shared a recipe for Banana Bread Bundt Cake.

By Blogger's calculations, this post has the most pageviews in the life of my blog. It's so awesome how a recipe can get so much excitement! 

Any changes to the post? Not many. Every time I make this bundt cake I try to add something different, whether it's different kinds of nuts or more spices. My mom made this once and added sunflower seeds. I don't know why the bread turned greenish a few days later. It could have been because of the oil from the seeds. But we were NOT going to check if the bread was edible! 

I still love making bread in a bundt cake pan, because in my opinion it cooks the bread/cake evenly and quicker than a bread pan.

Maybe next year, I can try to make another variation/combination. What about peanut butter or chocolate? Mmm!

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