Thursday, June 11, 2015

Yarn stash: Red Heart Wool in Olive and a Draw String Backpack

I've been collecting yarn over the past few years for my "stash". I love finding a bag of yarn selling at the local thrift store. But I have collected so much, and one of my goals this year is to use the most I can before I buy more. So far, I've been doing well on my promise to myself. I also don't want to spend money.

I grabbed a few different shades of greens to hold on to if I found some inspiration. I think I sat on this project for a month. I couldn't think of what to make to use up all the yarn. This vintage red heart olive colored yarn is one of my favorite, but the texture was a little bit rough. 

I found this pattern for a tote bag from Beatrice Ryan Designs, and I started working on it. I tried using most of the green I had with me, but the tote ended up longer that the pattern suggested.

So it became a draw string backpack.

I made the ties by creating an i-cord. I always wanted to make one following this video from June Gilbank. I am making tunisian crochet straps to add to the back. I'm also thinking of adding a flap on top, and I can use more of that olive yarn. I really like this pattern, and I hope I can make another one with some more of my stash colors.

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