Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Tutorial: Easy Logo Transfer

I read a lot about different DIY's on how to transfer a design or picture from paper to another medium like wood and stone. I needed an easier way to transfer my logo to boxes. 
I received a large box of photobook boxes from a photography friend. I thought I could use them to send my crochet items, since they are very strong and sturdy. But I wanted to add my logo on the boxes. I could always buy a cool stamp to mark them, but I have a finished order I need to send this week. I also wanted to make the design look handmade, so I went with this option.

I created a simple design with my Hand Craft Love logo and typed in "made especially for you by". I thought I had to do the design backwards, but I realized I didn't have to.

Flip the paper to the back side, mark the area of the design and color it in with a pencil. 

This is one of the best ways to recycle paper.

Once the back side is colored in with pencil, cut the design out and tape it on the box or wherever you want it placed. 

Then you start tracing the letters or design. Make sure you press hard to make a soft mark on the box.

I wanted to color the logo in, so I traced around the letters and design.

This is the result. It is very light, but it is easy to trace with a pen or colored pencils. I wanted to paint the logo in, but I don't have a good paint brush. 

Here is the letters and the logo colored in. I ended up tracing the logo too, so you can see the letters better.

I still want to add more colors on the box, maybe even some watercolors. I bought this cheap acrylic at the dollar store, but the brush is no good. I might need a little more practice before I start painting. I could have also painted the box first then added the design. Good thing I have plenty more boxes to practice! 

I think it's pretty good for someone who is not as artistic. :)

You can also use this technique with chalk instead of pencil, and you can use to stencil letters on chalkboards and wood. It's easier to see pencil on light surfaces and chalk on dark surfaces.


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