Wednesday, September 30, 2015

My Birthday weekend 2015

I love when my birthday is close to the weekend. We have more time to do fun things!
My birthday was on the 25th, so my boyfriend and I drove around to find some interesting things.

First stop with Schiller's Salvage. Lorenzo has been looking for ideas to add to his home, and I have never been to a place like this. It is so amazing! So many odds and ends to find and things that make you feel you are the D.I.Y Queen! Anyone need carousel lights?

This barn door was already sold, but it was so cool! Lorenzo has been looking for the material to add a few barn doors to his home. It was also a HUGE barn door.

I took a picture of these boards as a idea for the front of the house. He wants to add some wood panels or walls to cover the old garage door. These boards look like what he wanted. I just found out that these are wood flooring grates.

Schiller's also had items from the Bellview Biltmore Hotel: doors, hinges, key plates, door handles, sinks, faucets, and these light fixtures. So many light fixtures.

After our trip to Schiller's, we drove to Brandon to visit Old Time Pottery and go to a restaurant. We decided to go to Bahama Breeze at the mall. This is Lorenzo, happy with his delicious Jamaican Stuffed Plantain. He definitely picked the best meal. Caramelized sweet plantain stuffed with yellow rice, ground beef , black bean sauce and cheese. Mmm!

On Sunday I played worship at church in the boonies of Florida. After the service, we decided to drive around. We ended up in Dade City with the green pastures and the Florida hills.

We eventually stopped in San Antonio to try the Local Public House and Provisions. It was an amazing place with great food. We didn't get a chance to stay for the live music, but we will stop by again.

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