Friday, January 18, 2019

What Are You Doing? January 2019 blog hop

Happy New Year! January has been moving swiftly along. Starting a blog hop on the 3rd week of the new year is not new for me. Who knew life would be so busy? One of my new year wishes is to be more active on this blog and maybe write a new pattern or two. 

I have been working on a variety of new stitches. I even wrote a post about it in first week! Check out the last blog post Ravelry Project Challenge. Ravelry is one of the greatest tools I use. It's great to find free patterns to practice your yarn crafts. And not only knitting and crocheting, but graphs, tunisian, embridery, garment making, felting, etc.  Let me know if you have a Ravelry account and we can join in on the project challenge this year!

What are you working on? Got any current WIPs (works in progress) that you'd like to share? Have some vacation posts? Got any how-to videos posted this month? You can share whatever creative outlet your interest is in. Share a link from your blog, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, etc! 

 Enter your link information below:

  • Please link to a page or post of your blog/instagram/facebook, not just the main website.
  • Limit two links per person, please!
  • Everyone's links will be shared on my Pinterest page.

For the fiber artists, you can also join the Linky Ladies Party bi-weekly to share crochet and knit finished projects!

The Linky Ladies Party

Friday, January 4, 2019

Ravelry Project Challenge: My results for 2018

Did you complete the Ravelry Challenge for 2018?
Check out Ravelry's blog post about last year's project highlights: Eye Candy: 2018 Project Challenge Finishers
Don't have a Ravelry account? 

I have been a member of Ravelry since 2010. I didn't start following patterns and posting my projects until 2012. I only had 7 projects posted within 2 years. I made 7 more items in 2013. In 2014 through 2017 I began testing patterns and increased my skills in stitches and making a variety of items. 

In 2018 when the challenge came along, I was slowing down and I didn't feel motivated. But I decided to try the challenge, and I'm glad I did! At first, I challenged myself to complete 10 different patterns, which was a feat in itself. It took me 6 months to complete the first 10. I changed my challenge to 15 projects, and I left the challenge counter alone. I sold items at a few craft shows at the end of the year as well, and I was crocheting more inventory. 

Last year, I have tried more varieties of stitches and color patterns. I have also been able to finish a few of my hibernating projects. It's so liberating! I'm happy I was able to hit 24 projects this year! I also had a goal to complete at least 100 projects, and I hit that mark as well!

I love using Ravelry because it keeps me on track with my projects, and I can go back to an older patterns I have tried. They don't have a mobile app, but they have a list of apps for Iphone and Android that work with the Ravelry website:

See a list of all my projects in the Challenge HERE

Projects I will try for this year:
  • Make a clothing item - tank top, socks
  • Make an item using fingering, sock or DK yarn
  • Keep using skeins from my yarn stash before purchasing
  • Share some basic crochet skills with others


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