Thursday, November 1, 2018

Costumes and events from October

It's been a while since I've written a proper post on this blog. I'm always trying to stay motivated with crafting by using the monthly blog hop and sharing social media posts. But I have a few photos to share, so i'll post them all in one place. This is a few of the many things i have been doing this month. 

We went to a friend's annual pumpkin carving party, and after 5 or 6 years attending, we finally won the covetous 1st place trophy for our franken-pumpkin. There were more kids participating this time so i think we got an advantage from their votes.

They also gave us some creative laser-etched wooden tombstones with personalized messages for each adult.

Earlier that morning (this is how busy we've been!), we went to a Fortnite themed birthday party! It was really awesome how my friend made so many detailed decorations and Fortnite themed snacks. The  pictures below are rice crispy med kits made with roll ups and icing, chug jug juice and mini chug jugs, and a treasure chest with more juice and snacks. 

 They even had a small Fortnite pinata with candy goodies inside!

These next three pictures are some items I have finished in October. 

Lastly, I participated in my job's costume contest, and my crochet hat and beard and lumberjack (jill) outfit won second place!

Lorenzo and Baxter waiting for trick or treaters last night.

I hope you enjoyed your October! What did you do? Share them on my What Are You Doing? blog hop!

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What Are You Doing? November 2018 blog hop

Welcome to November! We're on the fast pace to the end of year. I am trying not to schedule too many parties and gatherings because the end of the year gets so busy! I find I am trying to find more time off than being around the crowds of people. what about you? Do you like the hustle and bustle of the holidays? We enjoyed ourselves at home yesterday for Oct 31st, and now Thanksgiving dinner is next up on the list!

What are you working on? Got any current WIPs (works in progress) that you'd like to share? Have some vacation posts? Got any how-to videos posted this month? You can share whatever creative outlet your interest is in. Share a link from your blog, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, etc! 

Thank you to the people that shared posts in October! I hope you can join for this month!

Here's is my first day of November Instagram posts! I am working faster on some crochet projects, so there will be more to come!

 Enter your link information below:

  • Please link to a page of your blog/instagram/facebook, not the main website.
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  • Everyone's links will be shared on my Pinterest page.

For the fiber artists, you can also join the Linky Ladies Party bi-weekly to share crochet and knit finished projects!

The Linky Ladies Party


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