About Me

Hello, and welcome to my blog! I am a 40-something mom living and working in Florida. I am thankful of every day given to me. I enjoy crafting, spending time with family, and singing worship on the weekends. I especially enjoy trying out new crafts and using recycled materials to recreate.

I love to crochet. I started crocheting in 2008 when I had to stay home for 6 months due to an accident. I love the challenge and complexity, as well as the relaxation that crocheting brings me. I also love making gift to give to my friends and family. I try to find and learn easy crocheting projects that can be used all year round.

I love to recycle. I like the complexity of making things out of recycled reused materials. I like to test materials and see if they can withstand, whether it is making yarn out of reusable materials, or reusing materials for my garden.

I love to garden. I am reworking my garden and seeing what i can grow in the new year.

I absolutely LOVE Pinterest. Here you can find all the little inspirations I pinned to try out!


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