Wednesday, May 8, 2013

What Are You Doing? Wednesday Blog Hop #2

We are back this week for another exciting blog hop!

What have I been doing? I just completed another Perfect Purse pattern with some differences. I made the bag longer than the original (mostly because I didn't have any more of this yarn, and I wanted to use it all!). I'm also researching what strap would go best with this bag. I don't know whether I should make one with yarn or use another type of material, like an old strap from a purse I don't use anymore. It could be an option...but it makes me want to make another bag with matching colors for a leather or pleather strap, which would mean another bag design perhaps? I also could add a lining to this bag, so it could take a little more time to complete this project.

Now it's your turn! Show me what you working on!

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