Thursday, July 11, 2013

Lunch Options: Healthy Choice Cafe Steamers

I try to bring my lunch to work every day (mostly leftovers). But the past couple of days have been difficult. So for lunch I went to Target and bought a few frozen meals. I made the effort to look at the calories of each meal. I chose one from each of the "healthier" frozen options to choose from.

  • CALORIES: 310
  • FAT: 9g
  • FIBER: 3g
  • PROTEIN: 21g
  • SODIUM: 550mg

Inspired by Top Chef, the meal was delicious with a light basil pesto sauce. I was hoping to find more vegetables in the meal though. There were large chunks of chicken instead and plenty of pasta.

I liked the fact that it did not taste like a frozen meal. Sometimes frozen chicken has an unpleasant taste. I don't even like reheating leftover chicken for that reason. The chicken was tender and very good. The meal was especially satisfying with the pasta, which I needed today because I had a small breakfast.

Disclosure: I was not compensated for writing this review.

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