Saturday, August 10, 2013

Five Minute Friday: Lonely

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This week's theme: Lonely

There are two different kinds of lonely.

There's the wandering type. The high school lonely. Standing in a crowded cafeteria, scanning every table, looking for a friendly face. The one who would not dare to speak up and ask if this seat is taken.
It's not that she is shy. She is afraid of the rejection. So she is labeled the school's "loner". No one would ever give her the time of day to sit and talk.

Then there is the joy of being alone, to spend time with one's thoughts. Sitting by a lake or water side, feeling the cool breeze and watching the trees sway in rhythm. When you have given up most of your life to help others in need, there is a need to be alone.

There's something about having time alone. But it's not a time to be sad, like the girl you used to know. It's a contemplative time, A reflective time. A time to clear your mind and gain strength to keep on going.

Maturity comes with spending quiet time alone. Some are still the wandering lonely.

Five Minute Friday

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