Wednesday, August 7, 2013

What Are You Doing? Wednesday Blog Hop! #15

Hey here's another What Are You Doing? Wednesday Blog Hop!

This blog hop runs from Wednesday through the next Tuesday, so you have plenty of time to write up a post and share your favorite recipe, craft, story...anything you want to share!

The featured blogs this week are from Orchard Girls and Jenn's Random Scraps.

Orchard Girl
These are lovely DIY Coasters. You could make it in whatever theme your kitchen or dining area is.

Jenn's Random Scraps
These Blueberry Lemon Cheesecake Bars look so good! And I like that everything from the crust to the filling and blueberries is made by hand. No box recipe here!

Congratulations to the featured blogs!

What have I been doing?
This week I have been working on my resume and letters of recommendation. I had an interview yesterday for this big job that I always wanted. I hope to get the results by this week. When I find out I will write all about it. It's a big move for me!

This week, I will be catching up on all the posts I missed from last week's blog hop and sharing them on Facebook and Pinterest!

Now it's your turn! What have you been doing this week?

  • Please post the link to a specific blog entry, not just the blog. I look at every link posted, and I comment in every entry. If you don't post a specific entry I can't comment!
  • Adding your email address will add you to my blog hop email list. I will only send you an email once a week informing you of the blog hop. If you don't want to be emailed, just let me know.
  • If your blog is featured on this blog hop, I will be using the picture you posted on the linky.
  • I will share all blog entries on my Facebook page:
  • All blog posts will also be pinned on my pinterest board, so others can see the awesome things you are doing!
  • Family friendly posts, please!

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