Friday, October 4, 2013

Fun Fact Friday: My favorite T.V. shows

Ok, I never though myself to be a T.V. show-loving gal, but I'm starting to realize this truth. I have a few shows I watch on Netflix, and when I'm done with the last season I don't know what to do with myself! I don't want to watch the current season because I have to catch up, so I have to opt to wait for the newest season on t.v. to end to get to season before on Netflix. Crazy, I know. I just don't have much time at home to sit and watch shows. I'm a mobile type of gal (enough with the "gal" lingo). Ok, this is my current list of shows I at watching/waiting for.

File:Doctor Who Logo 2012.jpg

It all started when I began watching the infamous Doctor Who shows. Sure, they were corny at first, but then they became so much better.

After Doctor Who, I jumped in to How I Met Your Mother. It reminds me of college my friends and the hangouts we used to have. I spent many (almost) sleepless nights watching this show. I think it shows an honesty about life and the questions we face as 30-year-olds get older. It makes me relate to what I am going through now. The new season is on Netflix, and I will try to take this season in slowly.

I found Once Upon a Time after HIMYM. Every character is amazing. I don't care if this doesn't depict the original fairytale stories. I love how the character intertwine and mix stories together. It's a wonderful mess of fantasy.

After I finished the first season of Once Upon a Time, New Girl showed up on Netflix. Another show similar to HIMYM, I love how funny and quirky this show becomes. I'm happy I can actually catch up with this show on, eventually.

I also love shows like CSI, Law and Order, Cold Case, Fringe...but I have to find more time to jump in on those shows. I know I have a funny way of jumping genres. But when I find a good show, I stick with it!

What are your favorite shows? Any more recommendations you think are worthy of my list?

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