Friday, October 4, 2013

Five Minute Friday: Write

Write for 5 minutes flat. Link up your post on
This week's theme: Write

Funny how this prompt is the exact thing I was thinking about.

What happened to writing just to write? I remember writing without effort in my notebooks, with pencil. I used to write poetry. My mechanical pencil would run out of eraser as I would delete and rewrite my ideas. 

After a while I started typing up my poetry. I joined one of those poetry forums. I would poem and prose to my hearts content. I'd even type up a poem or two at work. As long as I saved my work and no one minded my short mental breaks from monotonous working, I'd write.

Now at the height of the technological age where any writing could be written and posted in a matter of seconds, you would assume I'd have more time to write. I have a smart phone. I have a tablet. I have hundreds of possibilities to research content and connect with other writers. 

But I don't write poetry anymore. The thrill of writing is gone. Not to mention, penmanship is long gone. I wish I could write better in cursive. I love calligraphy. Most teachers have stopped teaching cursive. Can't you see that this is needed? Writing comes from the heart. It allows the movement of the pen. It works the mind to make connections and express true emotion. It is needed.

I am working my way back to the paper and pen. No one needs to see what I write. I thought I stopped writing because I didn't want to write about sad things anymore. I am past the sad emotion phase. I want to write about all the thoughts that enter my mind. 

I used to say once I get my thoughts out on paper I can process them. No paper, no process.

Five Minute Friday

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