Wednesday, March 12, 2014

My Garden 2014

My garden has been through many changes since winter. Although I live in Florida, there was too much rapid temperature changes and polar vortexes and rains.

 This was my first pumpkin baby.

Basil and some dried leaves on a citrus plant. It's completely bare now. I hope leaves grow back.

 Another sad citrus plant. I think it's grapefruit.

Tomato and avocado plants

And then there's the compost pile. I received this for free for attending a compost happens workshop in my county. I've had it for 2 years now, and I still don't know how to compost. I did learn that I had to move the pile every so often to get air into the pile, and I definitely did not do that last year.  

You're not suppose to throw seeds and weeds in the pile, but somehow they get in. That's how I got my first pumpkin plant, and I've collected a few more this year.

Here are some newer pictures of my plants from yesterday...
So apparently the first pumpkin baby died last week, but another one is growing in it's place.

 These are the new pumpkin plants.

Tomato is growing strong.

And last are budding flowers from our old tangerine tree. They smell lovely.

*Sorry the pictures are small. My camera phone apparently made them smaller because I had too many pictures stored.*

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