Monday, April 15, 2013

Pattern Review: Lion Brand Perfect Purse

I'm going to write a summary of the instructions, and if you want you can go to the website and double check my work. Lion Brand Perfect Purse (You will need to register to see the free pattern).
The pattern is written in inches, so I'm going to translate it with approximate stitches. I prefer following a pattern that counts stitches then having to measure the work.

The purse begins with a chain stitch of 38. The first part of the instructions said to single crochet rows until you get 12 inches. I measured and it's about 37 single-crochet rows.

This shell pattern is easier than it looks! You just skip 4 single crochet stitches and crochet 4 double crochets in one single-crochet stitch.

I finished crocheting the shells on Friday night. The instruction stated to make rows of shells so that the whole piece is 17 in long. The shell portion measures 9 rows long, with 6 shells in each row.

The instructions then say to sew the sides of the bag together. I decided to do the slip stitch instead. I believe that it gives the sides a stringer hold, and you could always keep the bag like this instead of flipping it around. It gives it a more unified look.

The instructions also give you an optional strap pattern, which measures about 5 feet long. I counted the stitches as I was making it and it's about 225 single crochet stitches. Although I did run out of yarn at the very end, as you can see in the picture above. Sadly, that's what happens when I use old yarn that I might not find anymore.

The best part about this simple pattern is that you can make your purse and length or width you'd like. You can add a strap, sew in a lining, or add a zipper if you wish. I'm going to make more of these purses in different sizes, and I will use different color yarn to give it a modern look, since color blocking is so in-style right now.

Oh, I almost forgot. Check out this awesome button! This was also in the instructions. I'm going to make a separate entry with the directions. I just love buttons!

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