Monday, April 29, 2013

The Boyfriend Look - For Kate Walsh's Boyfriend Fragrance

The Boyfriend Look

I was browsing my list on Bloglovin and I found a wonderful giveaway. You can enter to win the new fragrance from Kate Walsh called Boyfriend. After watching the video on the blog, I logged in to my ghost town of a Polyvore account and created this look.

The fragrance incorporates the scent of muguet, dark plum, myrrh and jasmine for a floral scent, combined with amber and woody musk, to give it a warm scent.   In the video, Kate Walsh describes her fragrance as the way the scent of your man/husband/boyfriend lingers on your shirt. It made me think of a rugged lumberjack of a man (similar to Hugh Jackman). I love his beard and his strong arms. This fragrance must be amazing if it can incorporate all these scents in one!

Kate Walsh Boyfriend fragrance is available at Sephora.

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