Friday, May 31, 2013

The Final Hair Change (for now)

Last night I went back to my stylist friend to add more brown tone to the top of my hair, so that the lighter colors could show through.

So here is the final progress:

Last month
Last week

I feel a lot more comfortable now with the brown tones than the blondish in my hair.

The funny thing is, I started getting used to having lighter hair. Maybe next month I will add more blond to the tips or more highlights overall. Everyone says once you start coloring you can't stop, and I think it's true now!
(But I won't go extreme and dye my hair to a crisp. My hair is already naturally big!)

I even got the bang I wanted. I'm a really happy camper now! No more hair crisis! All I have to learn now is how to style it. That means more Pinterest tutorials and Youtube videos for me!

Now to grow my hair longer and practice putting waves in it (thanks to Fashion, Love & Lauren for the great tutorial!)


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