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Father's Day Gift List From a Father

Kéto, (aka The Great Blog of Kéto and a father) informed his lady friends on Facebook that he will be making a list of Father's Day gifts so we would not have to stress looking for a "good gift" (aka "No Ties & Socks", unless that's what he is asking for). Every year, I have some trouble finding a good functional gift for my dad. He's not into dad mugs and picture frames. So when I read that he was making a list, I bugged him to post it ASAP. Here is his list for you to share. I "borrowed" his list (with his consent too), so let's call this a guest post.
First things first. The DON'TS comprise a very short list. Don't buy us the cliche gifts of a random tie or a pair of socks, unless we are a man that has so much that we have specifically asked for this, OR we really do need diabetic socks, or we are going camping & we need military grade socks that will protect our feet from hypothermia. You get where I'm going. As for ties, ties can be a very lazy "I can't think of anything else to buy you, but you're a man, so hope you like this pink & blue tie" gesture. Ladies think of how overjoyed you would be if we bought you a pair of nylons for your birthday. Now if you do buy a tie, make sure it is a silk tie with matching puff (handkerchief) that will match our favorite shirt/suit set. Silk ties are classy and last forever. Otherwise don't bother. Oh and you you can keep your $5 "#1 Dad" mug. Unless our child gave it to us, it doesn't matter. We already have steins & mugs.

Now here are some sites you can peruse that will give you great ideas on what to buy for your man. Go to membership sites like No More Rack, Amazon, Living Social, etc.

Jawbone Jambox Wireless Bluetooth SpeakerThis is one of the coolest gadgets out right now & your man will love it! It's a wireless speaker that allows you to play music from your phone/computer/device in the kitchen, bathroom, on vacation, outside while barbecuing etc & is like walking around with a virtual party!
Shaving Supplies: We can never find enough razors for a decent price. Razor cartridges may easily run us $16-32 for 4-16, so if you ever find us a large supply of razors or one really great travel razor that is say, waterproof/won't rust, etc. that's a big deal since we shave every day. (Well...I don't, but your man probably does).
 A Good Watch: A classic, but understated watch can be functional & eye-catching at the same time. The man can wear this to special events, interviews, and a good watch (as opposed to the $10 variety) is a sign of good taste & maturity. Professional male colleagues judge a man not by his phone but by his watch, so help your man out! Check out this cool watch by Invicta from NoMoreRack. also has a line of beautiful Invicta watches for about the same price.
Bluetooth headset: Who doesn't want one of these right?
Jim Beam Tailgaiting Stool: For the man who loves to watch football while grilling with the family and the fellas.
  Kindle Fire HD Tablet
Kindle Fire HD Tablet (or comparable Droid or iPad): Why yes, Dad would love to watch his favorite movies & read the Wall Street Journal on a wireless device, duh. 
DEWALT DCD760KL 18-Volt 1/2-Inch Cordless Compact Lithium-Ion Drill/Driver Kit: So you nag your man to death to put up artwork, curtain rods, drill this, drill that? How's he gonna do that without a cordless drill which is pretty much the holy grail of do-it-yourselfers everywhere?

GIFT CARDS: Gift cards are one of the most understated, but fantastic gifts you can give anyone! Let's say after all these awesome suggestions, you still don't have a clue...or have to work a nurses' shift this weekend! Pick a value of the gift you would have given HIM ($25/50/100 etc), and let the man take that VISA gift card to wherever he wants, and he will be able to pick EXACTLY WHAT HE WANTS for Father's Day...which is the point right? We only get one day a year. Let's make it memorable!!!

THAT ONE THING!: Every guy has one item that they like to collect, wear, keep, etc, and treasure anything of similar value. Find out what that one thing is by talking to his Mom or brother/best friend. For me, one of my items is a Fedora/Dressy Hat. I have a collection of very nice Fedoras & Kangols that I have bought or been gifted over the years, and it's nice to know that someone knows enough about my likes to get me one of these.

FINAL WORD: Now one obvious point is that Dad's Day is only 2 days away & you're not going to be able to order any of these items in time for them to arrive on Sunday, especially if next day delivery is unavailable or cost prohibitive. That's ok, you can still order the item, cook the Mr. his favorite meal or take him out to a fun dinner/lunch spot (Lee Roy Selmons, Red Lobster, Thai Palace, etc) and show him a picture of his gift that will arrive in a couple days. He'll be happy b/c he's eating, and he knows you didn't forget, the gift is just delayed. I'd be cool with knowing my flat screen TV is arriving tomorrow instead of today :) You could also use this list of items (which is not comprehensive by any means) and walk Mr. So-and-So into International PlazaUniversity Mall, the Perry Ellis Outlet in Tampa.
Other suggestions:

In the past, I gave my dad a GPS navigation, portable shaver, and his favorite brand of clothing (Perry Ellis). I feel like I'm running out of options, but I'll find something!

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