Wednesday, June 26, 2013

What Are You Doing? Wednesday Blog Hop #9

Whoa this week has flown by! Welcome to WEEK 9 of this blog hop! I'm so excited that we had 33 bloggers joining in last week's blog hop! Welcome old and new bloggers! I haven't had the chance to comment on all the entries, but I will work on it this week.

Right now, I do not have internet at home. Something to do with the router. So I am writing this post on my phone. I'm sorry in advance for any spelling errors. I will also add any links and pictures that I missed. The linky list is most important right now!

The featured blogs for this week are Krafty Cards Etc. and Coffee and Their Kisses.

I love how Maria uses recycled materials to reuse and repurpose things, and these scrapbook paper covered boxes are a hit in my book! What a nice way to add color to your office or home!

When I join a blog hop, sometimes I don't have time to create a new post. I love that Kassandra from Coffee and Their Kisses takes the time to make a special post about what she is doing, and she adds my link at the end of her post. Plus she's always working on something new.

Congrats to our featured blogs! I love what you do!

What have I been doing?
Last week was a blur of work, so I didn't do anything crafty. But I did take Friday off and go to Rainbow River, and then on Sunday we went to the beach. Mini vacation!
I wish I took my own pictures, but these will have to do.



Let's get this linky started!
  • Please post the link to a specific blog entry, not just the blog. I look at every link posted, and I comment in every entry. If you don't post a specific entry I can't comment!
  • Adding your email address will add you to my blog hop email list. I will only send you an email once a week informing you of the blog hop. If you don't want to be emailed, just let me know.
  • If your blog is featured on this blog hop, I will be using the picture you posted on the linky.
  • All blog posts will also be pinned on my pinterest board, so others can see the awesome things you are doing!
  • Family friendly posts, please!
Content in the Meantime

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