Wednesday, July 3, 2013

What Are You Doing? Wednesday Blog Hop #10

Welcome to Blog hop #10! Welcome old and new blog sharers. Let's get started with our featured blogs. 

This week's featured blogs are from Impractical Composition's guest blogger Simple Moments Stick, and a hilarious post from Middleage Monologues. I guess you could say there are 3 featured blogs for this week!

Susannah guest-blogged Tips and Tricks to Help Build Your Relationship With Your Significant Other. There are some great basic tips and reminders to help keep your marriage or significat relationship strong (minus #5 for the unmarried couples!).

Read here for more
Middleage Monologues wrote a hilarious post about exercising and a great reminder that you should never exercise hungry! Read about it in her post I Am Fantasizing About Ding Dong’s…and I Am Not Talking About Boy Bits Either…


Thank you for sharing your blog posts! If your blog has been featured, make sure to post this on the blog post or on your sidebar to share with the interwebs that you have been featured!

What have I been doing this week?
I have been working on this project for a gift exchange on from Craftaholics Anonymous, and I'm terribly late. I signed up only to remember to make something the last weekend before the deadline. I'm sorry! But I will finish this gift and sent it ASAP, with a blog entry of what I made and what I received.

Now, we are ready to begin this linky blog hop!
  • Please post the link to a specific blog entry, not just the blog. I look at every link posted, and I comment in every entry. If you don't post a specific entry I can't comment!
  • Adding your email address will add you to my blog hop email list. I will only send you an email once a week informing you of the blog hop. If you don't want to be emailed, just let me know.
  • If your blog is featured on this blog hop, I will be using the picture you posted on the linky.
  • All blog posts will also be pinned on my pinterest board, so others can see the awesome things you are doing!
  • Family friendly posts, please!

Content in the Meantime

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