Friday, September 20, 2013

How to Create your own All-Occasion Card

I always wanted to make my own paper crafts, and I love DIY book-binding. When I was looking for a card for my parent's anniversary, there were only 2 options in the whole section. I even tried looking for suitable card and scratching out the the "I"s and adding "we" instead (since it was a card from mu sister and me). After an hour I gave up and decided to make my own card. I have enough supplies at home, and with a little thought I bet I could write up something better than most of these hallmarks.

I bought a pack of double sided scrapbook paper from Big Lots a couple of years ago, and I was finally able to use it. (I never picked up scrapbooking. If I were to start now, I think I would go mad!)
I did the letting in the front of the card with letter stamps from Pick Your Plum. I drew the heart freehand (go me!).

After some thought, I decided to take a regular sheet of white paper and somehow adhere it to the scrapbook paper. I could have printed something, but I decided to write it.

Instead of gluing the white sheet inside, I got the idea to sew the pages together. Brilliant. (Funny, I even have a book about embroidery on cards, but I didn't even look at it). I could have added some stitching to the heart on the front, but I didn't have enough time.

I think I may venture more into paper crafting (some day). I love making personalized gifts!

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