Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Responses to GoldieBlox

Did you read my Nerf for girls rant? I found another product for girls.

GoldieBlox is definitely a better pick for the aspiring young engineer or scientist. I looked on the website though, and I wish it were more difficulty with the parts. Sadly, I would still pick a KNEX toy over this. I read other blogs about this idea of making boys toys "girly and accommodating" (like this post).

Just as I was looking on my facebook page this morning, my friend shared a blog post from Kate Surf's Parenting Blog on DIY Engineering. Check out her makeshift Rube Goldberg Machine.

I LOVE THESE. I never tried building a large scale one. I remember doing designs with dominoes. I love watching movies and music videos with devices like this, like my favorite Ok Go video.

My point is, GoldieBlox has a long way to go, and so do we.
Why not teach your kids all that they want to learn? Let us not put them in our own idea of what we want them to be. Let them find their joy and, most of all, let them play.

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