Monday, November 18, 2013

Thanksgiving Decoration Ideas: Candles

Everyone is jumping on the Christmas bandwagon, but Thanksgiving is around the corner!

I enjoy lighting candles in the Fall, to give any room a light warm glow. Here are some candles I found that would Light up any fall event you may be having. And most of them are simple to make!

Fill a glass a container with water and cranberries, and add a floating candle on top.

You can also use other fruit or nuts, like these hazelnuts. Top the glasses with a floating candle, or add a flower as pictured above.


easy-thanksgiving-centerpiece @ Paper Muse Press
Add a tea light or candlesticks on top of small pumpkins to light up your dinner table.

These apple tea lights also look like a great idea.

Instead of adding glitter to candles, why not add different beans or corn? It would add texture and color to your display.

Log Centerpiece that takes minutes to create and can be used for so many holidays & occasions!  Designed by @Jenna_Burger of
Need a centerpiece? Check out this beautiful log centerpiece. Look at the website above for an easy DIY.

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