Monday, December 9, 2013

Crochet Poinsettia Pattern

I was so busy on Friday documenting how to make the crochet poinsettia, I didn't have time to put a post together!

I wanted to make different colored snowflakes. I made a green one, and I got an idea on how to make the snowflakes look like poinsettias.

This pattern is modified from the Crochet Snowflake pattern I posted on Thursday.

Follow Rounds 1-4 of the Snowflake Pattern.




From here on, I crocheted on the posts of Round 2. I am using a red yarn so what I am doing will be visible. 

First, single crochet in the post below last stitch in Round 4. I used the post that was the easiest to find.

Now you will want to follow the Round 5 pattern to get the small pointy petals.
Chain 3.

Double crochet in the next post to the left.

 Chain 3 again and make the point with a slip stitch to the first stitch in the chain.

Double crochet again in the next post to the left.

Chain 3 again.

Single crochet in the next 2 posts, and do the pattern again 5 more times.

I didn't do 2 single crochet in this picture, but it is needed for the spacing. Make sure there are 2 single crochet before chaining the next petal!

Here is the completed petals. You should have 6.

From here you can continue the round 5 in the white section of the poinsettia.

Here is the look of the completed poinsettia. I decided to finish Round 5 in white.

Here is the poinsettia in red. I actually preferred the white and red mix.

Then all you do is make a green snowflake...

and crochet the two together with a slip stitch. Pretty cool, huh? I got  really nice lighting on this picture. :)

You can also purchase a pdf of this pattern on my Ravelry page. Follow this link to download and print the PDF document!

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