Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Evolution of the Crochet Plastic Bag

This post has been in draft for some time. I've been wanting to write about the various plarn bags I've made over the years. Since I'm so excited about the current bag I've finished, let me start this plarn love story from the beginning.

I learned about plarn in 2012 from a local knitting group that met at the local tea shop when I was in college. I made my first bag then, a square shaped flimsy thing that didn't look like it could hold anything. But I loved it, and my friend liked it too, so she bought it from me.

I saw it again at Christmas 2014. It was sold to another bag enthusiast. I also realized how much more I could have sold the bag for.

The second plarn bag was one that was modeled from the market bag pattern on Lion Brand. I wrote a pattern review about it

A few months later, I made a third bag of my own design for an online gift exchange.

1 year later, this is how the plarn bag design evolved.

The bottom is a square base, very similar to the bag I made for the gift exchange. I am also adding another rectangular layer of crochet to strengthen the base.

The handles are Tunisian crochet and doubled. As I was testing which handles to try, the Tunisian crochet happened to curl as I was crocheting. 

I'm so happy with the results. I tested the weight with my nook tablet, and it holds well. I haven't tested carrying a laptop inside of it, but I am sure it is sturdy.

One of my main concerns is the plastic bag stretching. The handles should stay strong enough, and the base I'm adding will make it stand stronger. I hope this lucky giveaway winner likes it!

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