Thursday, September 3, 2015

Lorenzo's new home

August 15, 2015. My boyfriend moved in to his new home. This Saturday will make it three weeks since he's moved in. He's an adult with a mortgage! Seriously, that has been the feeling. A sense of semi panic and achievement at the same time.

With the help of 5 strong guys from church, they were able to put mostly all the boxes and large items in the Uhaul. They took one trip to the house and disbursed the boxes to various rooms. He didn't realize how many things he had accumulated in 5 years at that small apartment, and he was happy to get a house with enough space to put everything in.

And I know it's not my house, but I want to fill it with so many things! I know his taste and style, so I'm sure he'll like some of the things I "suggest".
I have gone insane with the Remodelaholic blog! They have awesome DIYs, so I'm always sending him ideas to remake the bathroom or to add something to the outside patio.

Can't forget the Target trips! Good thing I don't have a credit card there, because I would use it all the time! Just kidding, I try not to be a big spender.

I went crazy for clocks one day! Lorenzo wasn't with me, so I had to take pictures of clocks to see which one he wanted. He ended up choosing a red clock similar to the top right one for the kitchen, and I bought the wood one on the bottom left.
There's one section at Target that I love! It gives me great inspiration. When I look around, most of the time I am saying, I think I can make that. I was really serious this time with the pictures below. Looks easy enough to make!
He has almost everything unpacked, and yesterday he was playing with paint samples! Watch out, these rooms are going to get a makeover!

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