Monday, November 2, 2015

Weekends: Georgia, trunk or treat and Straz Live

Most of my weekends are usually busy, but this week was the most unique. Thursday night, my parents asked my sister and I if I we could take the day off to drive with them to Georgia. They were picking something up from a friend, but they thought it could be a nice quick family trip. I took the opportunity to take the day off and ride with them. I only get a few chances to ride in a car, and I had a few projects to work on!

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Saturday night we had a trunk or treat at our church, and we decide to decorate the car as back to the future. Lorenzo made the back panels out of cardboard, and he used a food processor as the "Mr. Fusion" home energy reactor.  I was dressed as doc, my boyfriend was Einstein, and my sister was Marty. It's funny to see who knew what we were dressed as. Most of the kids didn't know. We took this picture of our epic costumes, this time with my boyfriend as doc and I was Einstein. I told him he could pull it off, even with the beard. My boyfriend also did a little photo editing.

Sunday afternoon we enjoyed a hot day in the sun for Straz in the park. I wish the concert were longer though. A lot of people missed the show, but it was still packed.
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