Friday, January 6, 2017

New Year's Reevaluations

Every new year is a time to reevaluate the progress of your life. I have been learning that as I get older, you can't just drop what you don't like and try something new. 
Changing an old routine is getting harder to do. It takes more persistence to take something a different direction. For example, changing you exercise routine (or in my case, exercising in a new gym, at a different location and a different time). I keep making large changes in my life, and I hope they stick with me through the year and to the next year.

One of the changes I want to make for the new year is think about how I spend my money. I was using a few apps in the past to save for my wedding. We didn't have to use a credit card, and instead of household gifts we asked for funding for our honeymoon. With our saving and assistance from family and friends, we were able to do everything we wanted. We came back from our 10-day trip to Chile and Brasil on Wednesday morning.

This year I want to take all my change and collect it in a jar. I remember doing this a few years ago when I worked at Starbucks. I would take my tips to use for gas money, and any extra change (coins) I had I threw in a jar. When it got full I brought it to my bank to put it in my savings account. I would save a couple  hundred dollars to spend on Christmas presents. Now I can save to pay off other bills or to share the gift with someone in need.
There's also other things to add on the New Year's list: what to do next on the house, what next to plant, what new things to make. I want to try a new yarn craft as well, like knitting or weaving. The main thing is to continue on and be open to try new things.

What new things are you trying this year?

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