Thursday, August 15, 2013

How-to Make T-Shirt Covered Notebooks

I have SO MANY t-shirts collected over the years from thrift stores and events I went to. I got tired of the mound of shirts in my room, besides I was never going to wear most of them (unless I made something out of them). I made this neat T-Shirt Covered Notebook over the weekend.

This idea is perfect for a tween or teen that has too many shirts! Sometimes we have shirts that have sentimental value to us (like my high school senior shirt). Why not recreate it into something usable (like I plan to make the high school shirt into a pillow,  but that's for another entry).

Also check out this tutorial on I Love to Create's Blog.

I found this old composition book in my book shelf collection. I think I used it in middle school. I love the look of composition notebooks, but this one needed new life.

I cut the front design from an extra large shirt in the shape of the notebook...

Then I spread some Elmer's glue on both sides and wrapped the shirt around the notebook.

I reused a plastic card to spread the glue evenly.

Bye bye old cover. It was so cool back then to color in the white spaces!

As you can see here, the glue started to bleed through the shirt. But I assume it will dry clear.

I was thinking to glue the edgings to inside of the notebook, but I was having trouble cutting the shirt straight. So I just trimmed the edges with fabric scissors.

Cool shirt design, right? Props to friends at Symphonic Distribution and Lorenzo Cantera Designs.

I let the notebook chill in my bookshelf to dry flat for a few days.

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