Tuesday, March 10, 2015

First look - Back at the garden

Yesterday was such a nice day, that I decide to look at what remained in my garden. I know I haven't talked about gardening since last year. As the weather is warming up in Florida, I feel like spending my time outside more. Here's what I found growing around my backyard.

I still have a few pieces of pumpkin plant growing and flowering. I haven't seen any little pumpkins though.

Here's a native spiderwort. I just learned that they are an edible plant.

My dad planted a Japanese plum seed, and it's finally producing. 

I think I grew this tangerine plant form seed, but my dad planted the sprout.

I don't know what this tree is, but it's growing leaves again. It grew orange-reddish leaves in the fall.

More succulents started growing away from the mother plant. Ironically, I found this plant is called "mother of millions", as you can see the seedlings on the leaves. I placed the babies in pots.

A family picture.

I'm not sure what this reddish leaved plant is, but I'm hoping to research and find out.

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