Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Pattern Review: Market Bag

A couple of years ago, I found this pattern for a market bag from Lion Brand (you will have to sign up to see the free pattern). I always wanted to make a large bag to carry my notebook and crochet supplies. It took me about a week to complete it, and the homespun yarn really made a nice effect on the pattern. I also loved that this bag has a big handle. Even if it stretches, I think it has a lot of give. And it's stretchy enough to throw over my shoulder.

Then I took a daring attempt and tried the pattern using plarn. What is plarn, you may ask? You can make plarn with plastic grocery bags. After a run to the supermarket, cut 1 inch loops from the plastic bags and loop them together. 

I think it took about 80-100 bags to make this bag. It is HUGE. The handle stretched a bit and the bottom rounded out more, but it's still functional. As I was making it, a friend purchased it from me. So I never go to use it. But I will make one for myself (one day).

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