Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Recycled Yarns: Part 1 - How to make PLARN (yarn out of plastic bags)

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Part 3: How to Make Yarn out of JEANS

Welcome to Wacky Wednesday's How-To! Part 1 of "Recycled Yarn". Today I will teach you how to make plarn, which is yarn made from plastic bags. You can use scissors to cut the bags, but I prefer a cutting mat and a rotary cutting tool. It makes cutting a breeze!

1) Take any plastic bag from a grocery store. Make sure it is clean. 
Fold it down by pulling the bottom corners of the bag.

 2) Fold the bag in half.

3) Fold it again.

4) Fold a third time.

5) Cut the bottom of the bag and the handles off.


You will then have a piece of plastic bag about 13 inches long.

6) Cut the plastic in strips about 1 inch thick.

I cut about 13 pieces.

7) Open the sections and you will see that they are circles.

8) Now you can take one section and loop it into another section.

Pull one loop into the other.

Loop one into itself.

Pull the bags as tight as you can without breaking them. I found this is a better method than just tying the pieces together. You won't have to struggle with big knots in your projects.

9) Loop the 13 pieces together and roll it up like yarn.

Tada! Plarn! One bag down...99 more to go to make my market bag...

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