Thursday, April 18, 2013

Recycled Yarns: Part 3 - How to make yarn out of JEANS

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I know this post is a day late. I was trying to figure out when I can plan this tutorial. I ended up doing this Wednesday night right before I want to bed. It was still done on Wednesday, though!

Here is the third part of my recycled yarn tutorial: How to make yarn out of jeans.

1) First, you will need a old pair of jeans. You can use any type of jean material, from original jean to stretch jeans. It will make a difference on how you cut the jean.

2) Cut a leg off the jeans. Get as close as you can so you can get as much yarn as possible.

3) Cut the bottom hem of the jean leg.

 4) Now you will be using the same instructions from the t-shirt yarn. Depending on the material, you would need to cut about 1 inch strips. The jeans I used were stretchy. I tried cutting 1/2 inch strips, and some of the strips broke when I finished. I used the rotary cutter to cut the strips, then I cut through the smaller seam to continue the loop strips.

5) Flip your jeans to the other side seam, and you want to cut diagonally to make one continuous strip of jean.

6) You then CARFULLY roll up the jean into a ball.

This is what happens when I pulled too tight on the jean yarn. The smaller seams of the thinner parts of the yarn ripped. The smaller seam was not as strong as I thought. But I can still use these strip pieces for another craft, or just crochet the pieces in. I will have to figure something out.

These also look like they could be nice jean roses.

I hope you enjoyed my 3-part tutorial. There may be a part 4 when I figure out how to spin newspaper into yarn...

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