Friday, May 24, 2013

Plans for the weekend

Are you excited for the weekend as I am? Although I don't get paid for memorial day, I get a whole day off to do whatever I want...which might mean sleeping in. But I do plan to do a few things.

I'm usually busy on Saturday, but tomorrow I have absolutely NOTHING planned! How exciting! Funny how we used to made sure we had weekends booked, and now that I'm older I enjoy some break time at home. I plan on doing some Yoga Meltdown and start on a bunch of crafts. Oh, and I need to get more supplies for my garden (so I can make a post on that next week).

Sunday is Fun-day Hair Day! Can't wait to see what my friend Melissa will do to my hair!

I know everyone in Florida will be at the beach, and I will go eventually. But I have so many other things to look forward to, especially on this weekend. You know, a lot of life changing things have happened on memorial day weekends in my life:

  • Memorial day 2003 - bought my first guitar. It's our 10-year anniversary!
  • Memorial day 2004 - going to the first of many retreats as a youth leader that changed my life.
  • Memorial day 2005 - bought a bass guitar!
  • May 2006 (close to Memorial day) - First real job at Starbucks (stayed there for 2 1/2 years).
  • Memorial day 2008 - I was is a boat accident that changed my life. It made me think of everything in my life and made me appreciate what I have.
  • Memorial day 2009 - my first flat tire, on the Howard-Franklin
  • Memorial day 2012 - Started my first garden!
  • Memorial day 2013 - New hair do!
I had to look at my old blog to "check", but life changing things did happen on Memorial Day!

Enough with my nonsense, and I hope we do spend a little time to remember why we have this holiday.

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