Thursday, October 17, 2013

How To Make A Tail

Need a tail for a costume for your little lion? I have a solution for you. Just crochet one of your own!

This is a project I did for an office decorating contest. The theme was Wizard of Oz, and someone needed a tail. No problem. Here's a quick tutorial to make a tail of any length.


  • Any sized crochet hook. For this project I used a size K hook.
  • Any yarn in the color of your choice.


  • Row 1: Chain 4. Join end to first stitch and make a circle.
  • Row 2: Chain 3. Double crochet in each space. DO NOT join stitch.
  • Keep going around and around, double crocheting in each stitch until you get the length you want.
  • To close, join stitch to next space and cut yarn end a few inches. Sew through the ends of circular tube to close.
I added scrap pieces of yarn and threaded it to the tail end. I then took another longer scrap of yarn and wrapped it around the bottom to hold it together. It took about 15 minutes to think up and make.

*Option 2: I know some people may not be able to crochet. You can also take a strip of cloth or felt, sew in a tube shape or leave it flat as is, and thread in some yarn at the bottom. Easy!

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