Friday, January 24, 2014

NEW - Pinterest Recipe Testing

I'm diving head first into my Pinterest recipes with this Crock-pot Chili recipe from I Wash...You Dry. Mmm, check out this chili:

My sister's birthday is today, and she decided that I throw her a not-surprise birthday get together. It wasn't last week that my dad asked me, "What are you going to have for food at the party?" I thought, I don't know, I told them to bring a snack to share and that was that. I know that was not smart of me. What if everyone brings flaming hot Cheetos or just pizza rolls?
I had to act fast. I ordered Cuban sandwiches this morning, but I wanted to make something else. So after studying a few chili recipes, I think this will be the best one for tonight. In just a few minutes I will be making the rush from work to my house to throw this chili together in the crock pot, run to the local bakery to pick up the sandwiches (support your local stores!), and head back to work. I will post a blog tonight or tomorrow about the results. Time to go!

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