Thursday, March 27, 2014

Ribbed Stripe Scarf pattern

I showed a picture of a scarf I was making on blog hop #37. But this scarf had been promised to be made before Christmas 2013. 3 months later, and I made the time to finish it this week.

The finished scarf is about 4' 4" long. It's 25 dc across and 117 rows. He wanted a scarf long enough to wrap around his neck a few times.

He was  laughing because he has to be the model. He's usually behind the camera.

The scarf was made to match the hat I made for him the year before (pattern from Eating Out Loud). I modified this hat making the length a little shorter. I also had to crochet with two strands because it was thinner than regular yarn.

Speaking of yarn, this yarn is the Gala Mix Fiber yarns from Big Lots. I bought 4 skeins of this yarn years ago. I don't know what color it is or what brand it is. 
The black yarn I made the scarf with was also a anonymous yarn, I think I bought from the thrift store. This is definitely a scrap yarn or stash buster scarf.

Now for the pattern. It's very easy to make this, just make one row of black and the next row with black + color yarn.

You want to use the back loop of the double crochet. (see link and picture below)
It's easier to see the stitch in the mixed yarn row.

  • Chain 27 with black yarn.
  • Row 1 (black): Double crochet on third chain from hook. Double crochet to end. 25 dc.
  • Row 2 (mixed): Chain 2, looping in mixed yarn. Double crochet 25, looping the mixed yarn into the row. 25 dc.
  • Continue until you get 117 rows, or the length that you desire.

From mixed to black yarn:

Once you get to the end of the mixed yarn row, you will have 2 yarns. To hide the mixed yarn, finish the last dc with black only. Chain 2 with black, so it should look like this:Continue with the black yarn, crocheting the mixed yarn into the black row.

From black yarn to mixed:

You will be in the same position, with the mixed strand worked into the black yarn row. To get back into the mixed row, complete the last double crochet with the mixed yarn together, chain 2 and dc 25.

~ Sara

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