Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Crochet Picot Shawl Pattern

I am very excited about two things today:
  1. I get to write about the long-awaited picot shawl. 
  2. I got AMAZING pictures with the camera I bought this weekend! I'm so excited for beautiful photos!
The original pattern is from Lion Brand's Shimmer Mesh Shawl and Bag. I have been trying to find a lightweight pattern for a shawl, and this looked like a perfect fit. But the first one I made looked small. It only covered the shoulder area, with a little bit of coverage on the arms. I never met my friend's mother before, but I figured she would have wanted more back coverage.

I added two more inches of length to the back. This made the shawl look shorter than the original length, but it was more than enough to cover the arms. I laid the Lion Brand shawl on top of my shawl, and it's about 2-3 in longer (about 4-5 picot stitches more).

The Picot Trellis Stitch

Example of the Picot Trellis Stitch
The pattern uses the picot trellis stitch, which is simply 1 sc, ch 3, 1 sc. The stitch is usually placed in the middle of a chain, in this case the 3rd chain of a chain 5. Check out this link for a video how-to.

The Picot Shawl Pattern:

*I modified most of the measurements to the original pattern. Everything else is similar*

I used a size H (5mm) hook for the whole project. The lion brand pattern used size I (5.5mm) hook.

Measure 7 ft (84 in) of yarn, plus a couple of inches more. fold in half to double the thickness. Chain 62.
Row 1: Sc in 2nd chain from hook. *Chain 5, skip 4 chains, sc* until the end.

Row 2: Ch 5, turn, picot in 3rd ch of first ch-5 sp, *ch 5, picot in 3rd ch of next ch-5 sp*; rep from * to ending stitch, ch 2, dc in last sc.

Row 3: Ch 1, turn, sc in first st, *ch 5, picot in 3rd ch of next ch-5 sp; rep from * to ending stitch, ch 5, sc in 3rd ch of last ch-5 sp.

Rep Rows 2 and 3 until piece measures 60 in. (152.5 cm) from beginning, end with Row 2.

Last Row: Ch 1, turn, sc in first st, *ch 5, sc in 3rd ch of next ch-5 sp; rep from * 8 more times. Do not fasten off.

Border - Sc evenly around all edges of Shawl, working 3 sc in each corner; join with slip st in first sc. Fasten off.
Weave in ends.

One thing I would have changed to the pattern is to make the picot shapes face up instead of to the left. But it was a great project and I was happy to make something this big for the first time.

~ Sara

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