Sunday, February 16, 2014

Pinterest Recipe - Stuffed Peppers

Hey guys I did it again! I tried out another Pinterest recipe, and it is delicious! I found the recipe for Bobby's Stuffed Red Peppers.

I wanted to make a family dinner for Valentine's Day. My boyfriend and I bought the ingredients. My sister and another friend were planning to hang out, but I am glad they stayed to help us eat! My parents got to go on a date and went to the movies while we cooked.

Instead of just red peppers, I also bought some orange and yellow peppers. We cut the tops off and stuffed them with meat, veggies and rice. We put Uncle Ben's Spanish Style Ready Rice in the bottom then the ground beef with cooked onions and green peppers on top. We had extra rice, so I added some to the tops of the peppers.

The kitchen was packed with my boyfriend cooking the meat and prepping the peppers, me making alfredo, and my sister baking brownies. I'm glad we got to stay in and cook a meal, and my parents enjoyed themselves with a movie and a free dinner when they got home.


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